Application Scheme for Cinema Based on Holographic Cloud

   The user can watch the movie with bare eyes, which is an offline entertainment with optoelectronic suspension projection mode provided by WiMi Hologram AR. The video pictures are suspended just in front of the bare eyes, which is capable of imorving the strong sense of substitution and reality. At the same time, the offline entertainment cinema technology of WiMi Hologram AR has downward compatibility, which means that no matter the film is 2D or 3D, they are all can be played in the environment of the offline entertainment optoelectronic cinema, which will be an important direction of cinema upgrading in the future.


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Direction of Holographic Digital Cinema Development

   It mainly targets for the places with real people performance, such as concerts, singing and dancing performances, crosstalk and witty skit, children's theatres and so on, all of which is also in the face of the opportunity of renewal. Against the background of scarce resources of the top entertainers in China, the cinema system of WiMi Hologram AR can break through the limitation of time and region to meet the spiritual needs of the mass for entertainment culture; at the same time, through the holographic revivification of concerts or art and culture programs, it can realize a permanent recycling of data with one time acquisition, give full play to the copyright value of cultural and entertainment programs, and promote holographic three-dimensional visual changes in the means of cultural communication.


Direction Upgrading of Holographic Digital Cinema

   There are 320 exhibition halls with an average area of more than 30, 000 square meters, 10651 KTV institutions at wholesale price, more than 2000 cinemas, and more than 400 science and technology museums of all levels in the country. Application fields: business circle holographic cinema, tourist scenic spot holographic experience hall, cultural and sports holographic experience museum, holographic concert, KTV chain organization of high-end hologram, professional holographic theater,holographic theater for  children, holographic science and technology museum for adolescence and so on.