Application Scheme for Education Based on Holographic Cloud

   As the overall solution of holographic interactive teaching, Future Classroom of the WiMi Hologram AR has integratedly made use of  hologram and cloud technology, achieved plenty of innovations with integration of hologram, 3D and AR, to create interactive teaching courseware- making, use, learning, assessment, management and other function, in the hope of providing scientific and technological means for cognitive teaching, and plan to realize the layout of a series of coursewares.


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   3D Classroom of WiMi Hologram AR: based on the double coding theory, the double-board display teaching mode promotes the activation of the learner's brain language system and the non-language system. In the mean time, two-dimensional teaching and three-dimensional teaching are carried out at the same time without affecting each other. Through holographic 3D teaching resources, it is conducive to stimulate students' interest in learning, and to improve the teaching effect.


   Virtual Classroom Popularization of WiMi Hologram AR: It provides an unparalleled realistic learning scene environment for teachers and students, so that students can actively participate in the learning environment. Students will have a more intuitive understanding of the internal structure and working principle of things through holographic 3D teaching video, and that of the micro level as well. It aim to make breakthrough in term of the teaching content for the purpose of stimulating  students' desire for knowledge, improving the teaching effect, and in the mean time, freeing the teacher from the traditional teaching mode.


   Virtual Inquiry Room of WiMi Hologram AR: It blends the immersive holographic experience, desktop hologram and teaching fusion together. Starting from the essence of the subject, it takes the high quality teaching resources and the subject inquiry experiment as the core with the  integration of the software application, platform and content, to enable the students extend to the virtual world from the learning in the real world. It is capable of concreting the abstract concept and returning to reality in the end in the way of virtuality and reality combination as well as vituality promoting reality, so as to create a highly developed, natural interactive and immersive three-dimensional learning environment for the students.


   3D AR holographic experimental and experience laboratory of WiMi Hologram AR: There are such  risks as infection, corrosion, deflagration and electric shock in the deciplines such as biology, chemical industry, machinery, and dangerous experiments, Through the AR experimental and experience training system, students can rehearse the training experiment in virtual image in advance, so as to achieve the training effect under the premise of shielding the risk, and deepen the understanding of production safety. Compared with the traditional technology, it has  advantages of better interaction, experience and interest, and has a strong sense of substitution in simulative teaching training, which is capable of attracting attention and realizing different human-computer interaction by means of arousing multiple senses.


   Mutual entertainment-oriented science and education center of WiMi Hologram AR: The application of holographic classroom in education and teaching has created a new field of "virtual teaching". It is not only the display and embodiment of high technology applied in education, but also one of the symbols of modernization and informatization of educational means. The revivification of human, object and matter with extremely authentic holographic image can not only greatly improve students' information accomplishment, but also improve students' interest in learning. It breaks the mode of rote learning in traditional teaching, n the initiative of learning to students.


   Through the Future Classroom of WiMi Hologram AR, it is helpful to walk into the learning environment, to touch the scene that could not be seen before in person, which makes learning no longer be the traditional boring text presentation or fixed image presentation. Holographic technology can really achieve the truth that education is life, so that users can walk into the real learning scene  more easily, and realize studying in the practicing. 


   The building of Future Classroom of WiMi Hologram AR can not only realize such educational modes as to make the educational content scenarioized, the educational means intelligent, the education lifelike, and the education scene actualized. What's more, it is capable of giving students priority to contact the cutting-edge technical performance means , trigger their interests in science and technology, and guide them to be in the leading role in the field of science and technology. The Future Classroom of WiMi Hologram AR makes use of such technological teching methods as hologram, augmented reality, AR and 3D, which not only can greatly improve students' information accomplishment, but also improve their interest in learning. It breaks the mode of rote learning in traditional teaching, and return the initiative of learning to students.