Application Scheme for Entertainment Based on Holographic Cloud

Holographic Digital Entertainment-oriented Development

Customers requirements for offline entertainment, such as eating, drinking, playing, and entertaining, have been continuely upgraded in iteratively, which has put forward three-dimensional and holographic needs for visual experience of offline ordinary entertainment . Traditional entertainment has been difficult to meet the needs of customers to pursue three-dimensional visual innovation. The offline entertainment industry has not made  major innovative changes in term of forms for nearly 30 years, and the growth of the industry development is sluggish and weak. In order to meet the needs of customer in holographic vision, operators  have replaced the equipent with new holographic three-dimensional ones to adapt to consumers nees, so that they chose to join WiMi Hologram AR platform to realize the entertainment experience based on holographic three-dimensional vision.


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Holographic Digital Entertainment-oriented Upgrading

   The holographic experience form is quite changeable, which can meet the changing demands of the customer in term of novelty seeking and innovation, and so as to improve the satisfaction. The application system for entertainment of WiMi Hologram AR can switch the whole theme scene in one click, which is capable of keeping up with the change of customers' demand, and quickly adapting to the personalized needs of customers. The entertainment platform of WiMi Hologram AR has 4654 items of high quality holographic content, and customers can choose the holographic visual presentation content that they prefer according to their needs. The forms of entertainment, interaction and experience in entertainment platform of WiMi Hologram AR can completely subvert the current experience of offline traditional entertainment industry and give birth to the new business pattern and mode of offline holographic visual experience. Application fields: high-end family holographic entertainment, holographic office conference, holographic KTV private room, holographic music teahouse, holographic ballroom, holographic bar and nightclub, holographic high-end catering, holographic playground, holographic amusement, etc.