AR+ live

AR+ live broadcast system development


Augmented display (ar) is a technology that calculates the position and Angle of the camera image in real time and adds 3D model of the corresponding image and video to display the virtual information in the real world. And let the person and the virtual information carry on the interaction, realizes the virtual space and the real space synchronization.

With the accumulation of time and the maturity of AR technology, AR has achieved great applications in medicine, entertainment, business and other fields. It is foreseeable that in the near future, AR will usher in a big explosion.



AR+ live broadcast advantage

1. It can truly simulate any scene and reflect the use of the product in different real environments.

2. More complex products can be presented, so that the audience can have a more intuitive understanding of the internal structure and product details of the products.

3. Break through the limitation of personnel, and at the same time, you can target the crowd for accurate broadcast, and the publicity will have a wider effect.

4. More interactive online. Guests and fans can interact with each other during the live broadcast, and their questions can be screened and answered in real time.

5. Conduct real-time effect synthesis, the complete set of completed videos can be obtained at the end of the live broadcast, and there is no need for post-editing, which can be used for publicity and distribution in the first time.



AR+ live broadcast business introduction

Relying on its mature visual design team, WIMI has deeply excavated AR live broadcasting technology and formally launched AR live broadcasting business, enriching its business structure, providing customers with more services and solving customer problems, covering multiple industries and fields.


Live broadcast of car launch

Break the space and time limit, the car details will be enlarged, parts disintegrated, all colors in a glance. Let the audience more intuitively understand the performance of the car, in-depth understanding of the structure of the car.


Real estate industry real estate release

Compared with traditional video, the display of real estate information such as structure and house type is more vivid. The audience can understand the living environment from multiple angles and in all aspects to enhance the interaction with the audience and make the audience experience better.


3C digital industry

The AR virtual demonstration of mobile phone functions makes the hardware and software introduction specific and vivid, and the selling point of the product more prominent. The performance data of the mobile phone is converted from text to vivid stereoscopic images, so that the online live broadcast is more vivid.For example,Huawei p40 press conference zte mobile phone 5G mobile phone Axon ll press conference


Internet e-commerce products

Internet e-commerce products are various and strange. Different scenes of products are used for virtual display to accurately convey the positioning of products and target users. Demonstrate the product functions to facilitate the audience to clearly understand the product and use the product.


Online education live

Break through the limitation of space and classroom teaching AIDS, and display the classroom contents in real time. Such as the biology class of the solution of science, the chemistry class of the experimental effect. Through the demonstration of virtual effect, the classroom content is more vivid, intuitive and more interesting.


Live broadcast solution:

Viz rt virtual engine +S type Kit tracking rocker arm through the Viz r tAR system, in the real scene to achieve AR effect. Make the conference and other activities more intuitive and vivid, increase the interactive, in the limited lens frame perfect display of speech content.


On the existing basis of Viz r tAR system, add a real-time pictography system, which can create a pure virtual scene for activities, break the space limit, and more closely fit the activity content.

WIMI has high-quality on-site shooting and network streaming resources, with more than 500 live events experience of professional director and cameraman team. The stability of network push team is recognized by cool dog, tencent, netease and other excellent customers.


With high specification shooting equipment and network streaming equipment, including: SONY hd broadcast camera PX w-580, SONY 4K broadcast channel camera 4300; BMD broadcast-level video switching station with green screen picker, ar and other special functions; Original import electronic control rocker arm etc. Among them, the push device is the world's top LIVE U6004G multi-network video aggregation push device.


Cooperation process

I. preliminary preparation

1. Content planning, theme design, process design, Keynote

2. Discussion on visual design, main vision and extension design, virtual scene design, and AR visual effect design.

3. Preparation for shooting, shooting script (combining effects of machine position, task and animation), construction of studio/stage, technical synthesis and debugging, and coordination of customer live broadcast platform.

4. Live broadcast negotiation, the customer chooses the live broadcast service package of the live broadcast platform.


II. Activity recording

1, rehearsal and debugging, personnel, equipment, technology, live broadcast rehearsal and debugging

2. Formal recording, multi-camera shooting, real-time matting, real-time AR picture synthesis.

3. Online live broadcasting, providing the account and password of the live broadcasting platform designated by the customer to push the live broadcasting to the live broadcasting platform.