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Talent mechanism

  1. People-oriented management concept and open way of communication;

  2. A standardized employment system and a growing improvement of the welfare mechanism;

  3. It is our usual style not to let you fight alone, we prefer to create a working environment of teamwork with mutual help.

  4. We do not care about your education background, as long as you are competent for work and work hard, the bonus of monthly performance assessment will be yours;

  5. Work hard when you work, have fun when you are relaxing, and kinds of group activities are organized every month;

  6. As long as you have talent, there will be your stage, and the company will provide a good training mechanism;

  7. The team is composed of young people, who are lively, positive and sunny;

  8. Professional development strategy, and everything is measured by professionalization and specialization.


Training and development

Induction of training for new employees

   After admitted by the company, you will receive plenty of trainings for new employee. In the process of making new partners, you will have a full understanding of the company profile, culture, system, document specifications and general status of the industry. Team development training will also help you achieve the perfect transformation from "campus people" to "enterprise people".



Professional quality training

   You will receive all-round training of general professional qualities, such as self-management, interpersonal communication, team cooperation, innovation ability, and problem solving by means of theoretical introduction, behavior training and case sharing, you will become an excellent professional person.



Professional skills training

   After entering the company, a series of professional courses will help you improve your professional skills, expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge, and give you flying wings for your rapid development. 



Management skill training

   Employees with certain experience and suitable for management positions will be taken as reserve talents for the development of the company, who will gradually enter a new stage of their career and receive regular management training.



Career development system

   The company will effectively help employees make plans for their career development according to their own characteristics, so as to improve their professional ability and work performance, and finally realize the win-win situation between the career development of employees and the business development of the company.