AR Tourism

Development of Holographic Tourism Navigation system


   Holographic AR tourism is also a new form of presentation of intelligent tourism technology. It combines with holographic AR technology to create a one-stop tourism service with virtual images.


   One-stop service of tourism: It is capable of acquiring the information of the scenic spot, nearby catering and accommodation and other tourism content. In the mean time, it can share the road navigation and community situation in the process of tourism, so as to provide a one-stop service with one APP..

   Enjoying the tourism scenery in advance: Combined with AR technology, it is able to create any door for the purpose of facilitating users to have a taste of all-round view with 720-degree of the scenic spot scenery, the restaurant and hotel environment any time any where, which breaks the limitation both in distance and time.

   Live navigation and community sharing: It aims to create an accurate, interesting and vivid navigation system to experience the message wall that is used to reflect the real scene on the basis of the live navigation plus IP image guide. It enables tourists to have the travel feelings at each fixed location, to experience different community sharing.

   Scenic spot line recommendation and real scene task setting: It provides scenic spot line recommendation and navigation, which makes the users avoid blindly using navigation systme and  flexibly formulating scenic spot activity tasks, so as to enhance the pleasure for users in the process of playing.


   It is able to display the nearby tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants information according to the user's location. By making use of AR technology and terrain recognition technology, users can open a portal anytime and anywhere to enter tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants having a 720-degree panoramic experience by crossing space.


   At present, the software can provide such service as tickets purchasing for scenic spots, restaurants and hotels booking, so that fast and high-quality tourism content services are provided. It is also able to switch locations according to the destination city selected by the user to show its scenic spots, hotels, restaurants and other information. Users can select the information according to the label of "scenic spot", "restaurant" and "hotel", so as to quickly find the content they required.


   By using of AR technology and satellite positioning service, it is able to provide users with real navigation anytime and anywhere to solve the confusion that users can not understand the information that electronic map provided. In the mean time,it is able to make users have a fully understanding of the special cultural information of scenic spots more intuitively and deeply. In the AR space, the navigation elves will guide tourists in the whole process. It will project navigation signs on the ground, track the location of tourists in real time, and recommend the most suitable tour route according to the parameters of scenic spot flow to avoid congestion.


Application scenarios and functions of software:

   AR treasure hunting interactive game: The treasure box is randomly distributed in various areas of the scenic spot, tourists are able to find hidden treasure box through  mobile phone scanning on the basis of AR plus LBS technology. It can not only fully enhance the fun and interaction of tourists, but also promote the business income of scenic spots.


   AR historical restoration: By using AR plus LBS technology, tourists can scan the code of the relics site to choose the one for relic restoration, it will make the tourists travel to the ancient times in an instant by means of the restoration of the ancient architecture, the cultural relic and the historical scene.


   Presentation of animals and plants with AR experience: It is able to present animals that are rarely seen at ordinary times in the form of AR on the scene, and it also can explain the behavior and action of animals with phonetic function. In addition, it can also present a variety of plants in the form of AR by showing different flowering forms of the plant in each season, so that the tourists no longer have to be regreted about missing the flowering season.


   AR virtual message board-travel social contact: The tourists can publish their own unique AR message board in the form of photos, videos and text in the favorite scenic spots. The message is suspended above the location where the user actually posted the message, so that they can reply to the message in the board, such as likes, favorites and so on.


   By using brand-new application scenes and functions, it is able to bring customers a new tourism experience and model. In the future, it will be able to effectively solve some problems in the current tourism industry after the clearing out of the whole business model. For example, different scenery at different times, communication across space and time, intuitive navigation and so on. Therefore, WiMi believes that the use of holographic AR technology will obtain a lot of market share in the tourism industry.