AR Shopping

Development of Holographic Shopping Navigation System


   The company has planned to apply the holographic AR into the scenarioization of the shopping mall, so as to solve the problem of current commodity display in e-commerce industry, as well as the bottleneck of the two major industries that some products can not be displayed in the existing e-commerce.



   At present, most of the display of the global e-commerce is still based on flat presentation, consumers can not directly and profoundly put the products they need to purchase into the scenarioized secene without experiencing effect, which makes the main e-commerce platforms in China have implemented 360-degree scenarioized display and 3D product shopping, and the market has been quickly accepted by the public. The scenarioized application of the  holographic AR is capable of directly putting the products that consumer purchased in the scene of future use, so that the buyer can see the effect directly, which makes the service have the opportunity to subvert the current traditional trading mode of e-commerce. Under the trend of rapid development of information and communication, 5G makes the communication between people be in efficient connection with highy reliablility, low delay and uniform load. In the mean time, it brings the efficient connection among euipment, all of which can realize the interconnection among larger data packets, so as to provide the basic support for the implementation of scenarioized e-commerce.


   At present, the company has been focusing on the development of software customization which is taken as the core of the development and the main profit-making mode, the service is targed to the foreign manufacturers as well as medium and large manufacturers at home.. It attaches great importance to the business with the purpose of creating B2B2B/B2B2C model. Such a model has been adopted by the company operation team and most companies in the industry at present, which has been proved to be feasible.




   For example, through the continuous upgrading of the company technology, the technical service the company provided for customers is capable of finishing the scanning in 3 seconds with generating the user "transfiguration". Users are capable of seeing the fitting effect of clothing without changing clothes, and achieve the shopping experience of "what you see is what you get". At the same time, through the accumulation and upgrading of data, it is able to obtain user's shape and size, consumption and behavior data, as well as understand user's preferences, so as to provide "tailored" goods and services. These will be the trend of the application of the scenarioized e-commerce in the future.


   In the future, the company hopes to build it into a scenarioized e-commerce platform, and aims to make a full upgrading of the personal online trading and the current ecommerce platform with all kinds of flat trading.