AR Navigation

Development of a holographic window navigation system


   WiMi has been developing a holographic AR navigation system for cars. The biggest feature of the holographic AR navigation system built in the vehicle is that it can project stereoscopic images on the real road surface and make adjustments according to the specific perspective of the driver to provide accurate driving navigation. The driver can see the bright and accurate holographic images, the navigation information will also be adjusted according to the speed of the car in real time, and it can also remind the driver to pay attention to road emergencies through the windshield.


   At present, the traditional HUD(Head Up Display)flat-view display indirectly projects the image to the windshield through the fixed LCD screen on the dashboard, while the holographic AR technology researched and developed by WiMi shows the stereoscopic depth through the windshield. AR display technology of WiMi not only provides AR navigation functions, such as display lane, destination, current speed and so on, but also integrates advanced driving assistant system (ADAS) function, such as the warning of lane departure and forward accident. The AR holographic navigation and interactive image will be displayed from 1 meter to the farthest distance from the driver's front view of about 20 meters, and can be adjusted according to the driver's specific angle of view. At present, it is only in the software testing stage. WiMi needs to obtain the relevant industry approval before sales.



   In the future, the company will continue to expand holographic AR display technology in the automotive field, including the functions such as displaying people, objects, drivers, bike lanes and sidewalks. It is also going to work with automotive companies to develop more advanced ADAS functions, such as rear side warning systems and highway auxiliary driving systems. It is expected that if the multi-network connection technology and network connection function are integrated, it will also be able to provide real-time data such as traffic signals, surrounding vehicle information and road or weather conditions.