Digital life

Development of holographic digital life system.


   The development of holographic digital life system is based on the further upgrading of holographic image capture and holographic imaging system of WiMi. It is applied based on eight systems and technology


   A real-time modeling system with multi-angle shooting: The WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD is capable of scanning the acquisited object in full dimension and synthesized it into a three-dimensional model in real time.


   Six-degree matrix light field system: It makes full use of multi-light source to construct the imaging field of holographic virtual image.


 Binocular parallax intelligent enhancement system: It is capable of tracking the trajectory of the object and adjusting the light in the process of acquisition to maintain the equilibrium value of binocular disparity.


   The multi-image dynamic converged system: It makes use of the multi-dimensional image technology with wide-angle acquisition in the narrow space is applied to the small-scale holographic stack of the cloudview.


   Holographic high-speed image processing algorithm: It is capable of processing the image information at extreme speed, and in the mean time, the rendering effect is guaranteed with the processing rate up to 10gb/ seconds.


 Stealth polyester optical imaging film: The key components of holographic imaging makes the holographic image be in perfectly imaging display.


   Holographic virtual character reconstruction technology in pictures and sound: It makes use of such technologies as capturing dynamic human bones, rendering image in real time, speech recognition, and sound simulation to present virtual human.


   National Holographic cloud spectrum platform: It has an interactive platform with the functions of data storage, image restoration and holographic social contact with a coverage of nationwide image acquisition and restoration.


   The key technology of holographic image acquisition and reduction lies in the recording and reproduction of the real three-dimensional image of the object by using the principle of light interference and diffraction. The technology is divided into two key links: the interference principle is used to record the light wave information of the object, and the diffraction principle is used to reproduce the light wave information. It is characterized by the spatial position of the object and its size can be completely reproduced, which is suitable for optical storage, virtual reproduction and data encryption. Generally speaking, the core value of hologram lies in the digital storage and virtual stereoscopic restoration of image information.


   Holographic image acquisition terminal: It is capable of continuously capturing the image information of dynamic portrait, ensure that the depth of field information is completely recorded, process and store it in real time through holographic image processing engine; the second generation product can automatically generate full 3D colored model at the same time; it can realize one collection with two sets of data.


   Terminal restoration of Holographic image: It makes use of laser light source matched with the light field series components, the image information of the cloud or the locality is restored  in stereoscopicly according to the portrait proportion of 1:1; the characteristic is that the image chrominance and depth are more realistic and stereoscopic than the real figure after software enhancement.


   WiMi will open up a brand-new business form, which is completely different from the traditional photo-based two-dimensional service experience. WiMi will collect a set of holographic data for each paying user with permanently storage, and restore at any time. The effect is "exactly the same" with the real person in terms of the height, appearance, sound, body appearance, trueness,  three-dimension effect and so on.

   The company will plan to build millisecond 3D portrait data acquisition system, six-degree field imaging system with matrix light and binocular parallax intelligent enhancement system, so that the whole system can collect all the signs and appearance information of the human body completely and quickly. Moreover, due to the enhancement of the depth of field information and the parallax of the left and right eyes, the integrity, realism and stereoscopic sense of the image at the proportion of 1:1 are extremely strong after the holographic reduction of the back section, and even exceed the resolution of human eye recognition to achieve ultra-high precision display.


   Holographic cloud platform digital life project, which has been endowed with the proposition of "If life can be reproduced, what will the world do" by he WiMi. It may be a subversive project in the future, which makes use of the holographic technology to collect, save and restore the key course of each life to record life and reverse time. WiMi plans to build a national holographic digital life project that covers mass consumption.


   The whole project of WiMi will cover the offline terminal and the online cloud platform. Apart from the image acquisition / storage and restoration function, it can also save the accurate three-dimensional holographic data and voiceprint data of the user. It has combined with the unique virtual human resurrection and reduction technology of cloud vision and AI machine self-learning technology. It can generate a virtual holographic separation for each user, which can achieve a very high degree of model and sound simulation, and can imitate human language habits for free communication. In the future, holographic images will become another form of existence and continuation of life, which will be laid out in the depth of holographic digital life and holographic social interaction.


   Holographic digital life: WiMi uses the holographic image acquisition technology to collect, process, store and restore the key time points of the customer's life. The pictures of the whole life can be collected and stored for good, such as the records of the innocence as the child, the naive of the teenager, the vigour and vitality of the youth, the happiness of the family reunion in old days, and the late-year’s recollections. Everyone could return to the past and see the real self. The children will be able to see the ancestors clearly and listen to the commands, as if traveling through time and space. The digital life project of holographic cloud is expected to become a national holographic image storage platform. The family map with holographic image as the carrier can be inherited permanently. When life comes to an end, home culture will pass on forever.


   Holographic social networking: cloud vision series of home appliance, commercial appliance, customized version of holographic imaging terminals are equipped with communication modules. Commercial version targets to high-end CBD property, large mall and so on; home version targets to high-end families, customized version targets to institutional and corporate customers, suitable for high-end meetings and new social networking. When the customer enters the holographic cloud terminal to verify the exclusive ID, the instant holographic conversation can be carried out with the remote end. The holographic images based on the proportion of 1:1 at both ends will be transmitted to each other in real time. Both sides can clearly and realistically sense the whole picture of each other, including language, posture, expression, dress, emotion and so on, which is a new that completely subverts the traditional one.


   It is capable of connecting all the holographic acquisition and display terminals with holographic clouds all over the line by connecting to the high-speed communication network, which can realize one-to-one, one-to-many even many-to-many full-time synchronous holographic video. it plans to realize one-to-one remote holographic communication in 2019, which has such core functions as holographic image storage, restoration, holographic communication, holographic social communication and so on.

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  Holographic cloud terminal equipment will be largely and widely promoted offline. When login holographic cloud platform, the users can see the holographic image uploded by themselves or relatives in the proportion of 1:1, whether the relatives are there or not alive any more. It is a good way to look at the past, look at ousellf, look at our loved ones: recollect the past and think about the future. WiMi will use holographic technology to detonate the virtual social revolution.