Hologram cloud——Hologram educational industrial application

       Market scale of domestic educational industry:9 trillion CNY(1323B USD).


Industrial Bottlenecks

       There are no learning content scenery, it is difficult to achieve authentic understanding with teachers' description, learning stays at theoretical level.

       Learning, experimental cost and space are limited , the cost of buying and storing textbooks and teaching plans is high.




Market Opportunities

       Hologram cloud takes teaching resources as the core, integrates multiple terminals, cloud platforms and artificial intelligent, turns abstract concepts to seneries while visualizing them. It is a solution with a high degree of integration, immersion and interaction for courseware, subverting traditional teaching environment and greatly improving teaching quality.

       Hologram cloud virtual lab can virtualize lab training, improving the efficiency,  frequency and security of of labs while lowering the cost of experiments.

       Hologram cloud virtual interactive teaching platform transmits real teaching sceneries online in real time, and enter varoius Hologram teaching terminals through Hologram data distribution systems, so that various terminals can achieve real-time immersive interactive learning, subverting teaching mechanism.


Application Fields

       Hologram classrooms, Hologram virtual teachers, after-class/skill/interest Hologram training schools, Hologram institutions of higher learning, Hologram vocational education, Hologram institutes, Hologram science museums, Hologram museums, Hologram middle schools and primary schools, Hologram online education.