Hologram cloud——hologram Exposition and conference industrial application

       Market Scale of Domestic Exhibition Industry:510 billion CNY(75B USD).


Industrial Bottlenecks

       The technology and styles of thematic exhibition halls in various places such as urban planning museums, museums, science museums are severely homogeneous.

       Homophones competition of offline exhibition industry and industrial exhibitions is fierce, and the flow visitors flowrate and attraction decline year by year due to lack of highlights and new experience forms. The miniature of online exhibition dawns, but only as display window, there is a severe lack of interaction and social intercourse.



Market Opportunities

       The Hologram presentation technology of Hologram cloud can build virtualized integrated space presentation for theme exhibitions with clear construction themes and rich effect. It incorporates interaction, presentation, art and education. 

       Hologram cloud's HCDP online display platform fully transplants the authenticity+interaction of offline exhibition online and construct a new ecology of online exhibitions.

       Combine the platform IP operation capacity of Hologram cloud for offline commercial Hologram exhibition.


Application Fields

       Hologram shopping experience, Hologram live-broadcast, hologram press conferences, Hologram governmental thematic halls, Hologram online Hologram exhibition application and  Hologram IP business exhibitions.