Hologram cloud——Hologram social intercourse and entertainment industrial application

       Aggregate market scale of domestic social intercourse and entertainment industries:7.2 trillion CNY(1058B USD).


Industrial Bottleneck

       Clients' requirements for the eating, drinking, playing and making merry keep upgrading and iterating of offline entertainment, placing new requirements on the experience of offline entertainment. Traditional entertainment can no longer meet clients' appeal of seeking novelty and innovation. 

       There has been no major innovation and revolution in the form of offline entertainment industry for nearly 3 decades, the growth intensity of the industrial development is weak and fatigued.

       In order to adapt to the direction of the industry and clients, operators need to keep changing decoration styles to adapt to consumers and increase a large amount of operation cost.Clients' appeals are more and more ego-centered and personalized, it is difficult to cater for all tastes.



Market Opportunities


       Hologram's experience forms are changeable, capable of meeting clients' needs of seeking for novelty and innovation that keep changing to improve their satisfaction. 

       Hologram cloud's RVD system can switch the theme scenes of the whole place with one key, following the direction of the industry tightly and catering for clients' personalized needs.

       Hologram cloud's brand new entertainment, interactive and experience forms can completely subvert the current traditional entertainment industrial experience offline, it is highly probable to give birth to a brand new business form and mode of offline experience.


 Application Fields

       High-end family Hologram entertainment, 5G Hologram communication, hologram social intercourse, hologram office conferences, Hologram KTV compartment, Hologram music tea-house, hologram dancing hall, Hologram bar and night clubs, Hologram high-end dining, Hologram amusement park, Hologram indoor amusement and so on.