Hologram cinemas

Hologram cloud——hologram cinemas and Hologram theaters industry

       Market Scale of Domestic Cinemas/Theaters:390 billion CNY(57B USD).

       Industrial BottleneckThe dimensions of the pictures of film-making are limited, showing a tendency of homogeneity. The number of screens and viewers of cinemas are restricted, non-ticket income source is limited by offline ticket box office income, which have become an important breakthrough for various cinemas seeking higher development.

       Traditional cinemas and theaters generally have weak inter-activeness of programs, restriction in the physical space of stages, lack of rich stage art effect, expensive scenery-setting props and low reusability rate. Actors' cost of appearance, schedule both have huge influence on the market.

Market Opportunities

       Hologram cloud gives consideration of the two major universal modes of movie+drama, effectively lowering the cost of realizing expensive technology and content production costs through mature technology and rich content storage, effectively solving the sore points of the industry while getting through between cinema/theaters, integrating industrial chains.

       Hologram cloud platforms can provide one-stop services, virtualizing top artists, making stars of virtual figures, through Hologram cloud, restriction in time and place can be broken. Hologram cloud stage art platform can provide combined rich virtual effect presentation to virtualize physical scenery, lowering costs and improving the effect of presentation.

Application Fields

       Hologram cinemas、Hologram theaters、cinema/theater Hologram transformation, Hologram film-making and distribution, star Hologram entertainment, hologram virtual star IP operation and hologram theater stage art, etc.