Hologram family

Hologram cloud——high-end hologram family application

       Market scale of domestic family audio-visual industry:3.9 trillion CNY(650B USD).

Industrial Bottleneck

       Categories in the decoration industry are homogeneous, there are many chain links, the phenomenon of vicious competition in the industry, it is difficult to supervise the quality, and clients have bad experience. There is a big gap between design drawings, sketches and reality, the satisfaction with the industrial services is low.

       There is insufficient digital innovation in the industry for years, driven by IoT/AIindustry scene and life, intelligent home appliance, home appliance, building/industrial parks and smart cities develop rapidly but the development stays at the technological level.

Market Opportunities

       Building Hologram cloud experience platform can immerse users in the actual scene effect after experiencing renovation in virtual space, reduce communication costs, clients can experience through Hologram cloud platform before placing orders directly, getting through industrial chains and reducing uncontrollable invisible links.

       On the basis of the technical development of intelligent home appliance/building/park/city, intelligent technology+beauty, feeling, visual upgrading, show dynamic decoration with hologram technology virtually (change decoration styles at any time), organically subverting decoration industry.

Application Fields

       Hologram high-end home audio-visual, Hologram outdoor decoration, hologram interior decoration, Hologram office/home  decoration, Hologram urban landscape and  Hologram art museums, etc.