Hologram cloud——Hologram advertising industrial application

       Market scale of China advertising industry :500 billion CNY(73B USD).

industrial bottleneck

       For brand business, graphic advertising technology that stays the same all year around and huge posters and electrooptical effect that follow the same pattern can no longer attract the attention of clients, the conversion rate of mandatory advertisements is increasingly worrisome.

       Besides, currently, while big data and artificial intelligence are universal, the grabbing and analysis of offline advertising can no longer meet the needs of clients, reform is a must in the market environment guided by attention economy.

Market Opportunity

       Hologram cloud advertising platform will subvert the spreading and effect of current traditional advertisements, clients will feel personally on the scene by viewing advertisements with hologram stereoscopic effect directly. Both commodities and advertisement creativity effect will make people feel fresh and new, capable of attracting a large number of potential consumers to active view.

       Besides, the Hologram cloud AI-MBT technology that is made use of in tracking and analyzing clients' various data provides practical and effective data support for advertisers and brand business.

Application fields

       Hologram indoor advertisement, Hologramal outdoor advertisement, high-altitude Hologram advertisement、Hologram airport/subway advertisement, Hologram display of famous brands inside (outside) stores, and Hologram activity advertisement display, etc.