Introduction of holographic 3D computer Vision Industry:

   The data acquisition of holographic computer vision is a three-dimensional 3D computer vision with extremely high simulation degree fromed by the complex image information acquisition and the computer synthesis technology through dozens of cameras.


   Holographic computer vision presentation is a kind of implementation mode of augmented reality, which is capable of making people see the image of 3D computer vision and holographic computer vision blended with the real world by means of fixed or mobile projection equipment.


   The holographic computer vision and augmented reality related technologies have broad application prospects. Application scenes include but not limited to holographic cinemas, holographic theatres, holographic education, holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic exhibition and display, holographic new retail, holographic high-end home applications, holographic an on-board, holographiccial contact, holographic communication and so on. 


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WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD has nearly being in the leading role in holographic industry.

   It has become the leading provider of holographic integrative solution in China, which has been ranked in the first place in the industry in terms of the visual copyright of the holographic computer, the related patent of the holographic technology and the amount of software copyright.


   It is capable of dealing with plenty of links range rom the  computer vision production, service platform construction to cloud software research and development as well as  technical support. Compared with other enterprises in the same industry, it has the capability of providing the more comprehensive one-stop service.


Strong technological strength being in the leading role of the industry.

   Computer Vision AI Synthesis of the WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD: the fineness of image information acquisition is about 10 times higher than that of the industry level, and the AI synthesis and processing ability of computer holographic vision is about 80% better than that of the industry average level.


   Computer Vision Presentation of the WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD: multiple parameter dimensions have been set to accurately control the imaging with the  simulation degree as high as 98%, which is far above than that of the industry average level


   Cloud Software Development of the WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD: a number of commercial and holographic technology functional modules have been integrated to provide customers with one-stop solutions.


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