In the past few years, WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD has made outstanding achievements in terms of holographic AR advertising and entertainment technology out. And in the mean time, it has been promoting the wide application of holographic technology in more industries and expanding its leading role of the industry. What's more, the company will also continue to expand the reserve of high-quality holographic computer vision. Besides, it with especially attach much importance to the development and acquisition of computer vision in the field of entertainment and education in the near future.


   Moreover, the company will continue to focus on technology research and development, including general holographic technology and Client software, and meanwhile, to improve the ability in big data and artificial intelligence.


    In addition, the company will expand the base of customers and partners in various industries and deepen the cooperative relationship.


   The company seeks strategic cooperation, acquisition and investment opportunities around the world, which has helped the rapid development and rise of the industry and promoted the process of global holographic digitization.

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WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD--Future 5G Life (Video Display):